Media Advisory -- Sept. 3 Northrop Grumman Update for Gulf Coast Employees

Editor's Note: Due to the scarcity of landline telephone service and electricity in the area, Northrop Grumman requests that you share the work schedule updates and information hotline number contained in this advisory on your regular broadcasts. Our company and its employees appreciate your assistance in sharing this information. Thank you.

PASCAGOULA, Miss., Sept. 3, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- Northrop Grumman Corporation announces the following work-schedule and payroll updates, as well as benefit and relief information, for its employees in the Gulf Coast region.


 -- Both facilities will be closed for normal production through
    Monday, Sept. 5.

 -- For Gulfport, maintenance personnel should report to work over
    the three-day weekend for 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. shifts.

 -- For Pascagoula, the following employees should report to work
    over the three-day weekend, if possible, for 7 a.m. to 6 p.m.
    shifts: all facilities and ship cleaners, facilities
    engineering, maintenance, security, test and change-order
    electricians, test and trials, safety, production supervisors,
    crafts supervisors, manufacturing services, resource recovery,
    yard cleaning, production supervision, ship management, inside
    and outside machinists, carpenters, rigging, production
    control, and transportation shift employees.

 -- All managers in finance, estimating and contracts should report
    to administration building No. 1 at 9 a.m. Monday, Sept. 5.


 -- Both facilities will be closed for normal production through
    Monday, Sept. 5.

 -- Maintenance and security shift personnel should report to work
    if possible. Reporting personnel should be prepared to stay

 -- Access to the area may be restricted by regional and national
    authorities. Reporting personnel should ascertain prior to
    departure whether the facilities will be accessible.


 -- Employees who have not checked in with their supervisors should
    do so immediately or contact the Northrop Grumman Information
    Line at (800) 995-4318 for further instructions.


 -- Northrop Grumman IT sector Gulf Coast employees who have not
    checked in with their supervisors should do so immediately or
    contact the IT sector's HR customer care center at (800) 604-4890

 -- Internal Information Services employees in the Gulf Coast region
    should expect to work remotely, or be available for possible
    transport. IIS employees should call (972) 946-9330 or

Payroll Update

The company has taken steps to provide compensation to the Ship Systems sector work force for the payroll period ending August 28. For employees with direct deposit, the company has transferred funds to support direct deposit, however, some of the banks in the Mississippi, Alabama and Louisiana region are not operational and have not acknowledged receipt of funds. If this situation is not resolved by Tuesday the company will develop and implement an alternative approach to provide cash to these employees.

Northrop Grumman has made arrangements for employees assigned to the Avondale Operations in New Orleans, except those who use direct deposit, to receive cash payments at Western Union locations.

Beginning Sunday, Sept. 4, Avondale employees normally paid by check will be able to receive their "net pay" amount through Western Union's Quick Cash Service. Western Union has more than 50,000 locations in the United States, with just under 1,000 in Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama. To receive cash, Avondale employees can visit any Western Union location, complete a yellow "To Receive Money" form, and pick up their "net pay" amount.

Employees using Western Union will need to provide the company's name and headquarters location, which is Los Angeles-based Northrop Grumman Corporation, and proper identification such as a valid driver's license, passport, military ID card with photo, or their employee badge with photo. Northrop Grumman has already provided Western Union funds for these cash payments. Employees can find the closest Western Union location by calling (800) 225-5227 and selecting option 4.

Beginning on Monday, Sept. 5, Gulfport and Pascagoula employees who did not pick up checks on Friday, Sept. 2 and who do not use direct deposit will also be able to receive their "net pay" through Western Union by following the same process described above.

 Operational Branches of Hancock Bank and Wal-Mart Stores
 Will Cash Payroll Checks as Follows:

 -- Hancock Bank is open Sunday and Monday from 9 to 4.

 -- Wal-Mart stores will cash checks under these conditions:

   -- Must be a preprinted payroll check
   -- You must bring state-issued ID
   -- The limit is $1,000 per employee in a seven day period and
      you will pay a $3 service fee

 Company Benefits Center & Savings Account Line
 to Remain Open Labor Day Weekend

 -- The Northrop Grumman Benefits Center will be open Sunday and
    Monday to provide assistance with health issues, including
    prescription refills or medical pre-certifications and
    pension-related inquiries, including check replacement.
    Representatives will be available from 9-5 Eastern time both
    days. Call (800) 894-4194.

 -- Savings Account Line representatives can respond to questions
    regarding savings plan loans or hardship withdrawals.
    Representatives will be available from 9-5 Eastern time both
    days. Call (800) 676-7211.

Northrop Grumman Employee Disaster Relief Fund Available

Direct assistance to Northrop Grumman employees impacted by Hurricane Katrina will be provided through the new Northrop Grumman Employee Disaster Relief Fund, established by The Northrop Grumman Foundation. Affected employees may apply for funds by calling toll free (888) 642-5645.

Danny Hernandez
Director of Public Affairs
(202) 580-9086